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Accepting Our Disabilities

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Emilee S

Why is it important?

Accepting your disability is important because usually, there is something that we are stuck with for life and cannot change. If we can't change them then we must learn to live with them. Accepting our reality doens't have to be as difficult as it seems.

How do I accept my disability?

A few ways that you can begin to accept who you are is to...

1.  Connect with others who face the same challenges
2.  Talk about it! Understand that you are different
3.  Make jokes 
4.  Be confident 
5.  Ask for help when you need it
6.  Use your resources
7.  Take time for yourself if you need it. People with disabilities are more likely to have mental illnesses.

How I do it!

In my house, both my sister and I have disabilities. Talking to her when I have an issue, or problem, always makes me feel better. We laugh and make jokes about our disabilities, and even create funny YouTube videos to educate and share about disabilities. Our moto is "Find the ability in your disability".

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