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Meet the people who turn physiotherapy into a playful game

חסר תרגום בשפה עברית. מוצגת שפה אנגלית


Using cutting-edge technology for turning common rehab equipment into smart and easy-to-use rehabilitation products

The screen looks a little like the classic 1980's arcade game Frogger, in which an amphibian tries to cross a busy street. In this version, a red car has to maneuver through blue cars to reach an open lane — but instead of using buttons and a joystick, players move the car by raising a pole from one notch to the next. Sensors in each notch capture the motion and project the car’s progress on an iPad.

This game is the initial offering from the startup PLAYWORK, and it helps strengthen the shoulders and upper back of people with disabilities or those recovering from an injury. In addition to the "Car-Race" game, the company has developed a variety of motion-driven games (e.g. "The Rabbit & Turtle challenge"), aiming to “game-ify” rehabilitation in order to relieve the tedium of staring at an exercise machine all day.

PLAYWORK currently develops a bundle of smart devices for rehabilitation, based on common equipment and easy-to-use exercise applications. "PLAYBALL", another innovative portfolio product of PLAYWORK, is a smart physio-ball and exercise application that also uses gamification to revolutionize the way of conducting rehabilitative ball exercises.

Using Big-Data technology and smart algorithms to make rehabilitation much more efficient

Following the rise of the "Baby-Boom" effect in the USA, alongside with a constantly aging population worldwide, rehabilitation services have become a real burden on budgets and payers. 

By implementing PLAYWORK's intelligent rehab technology, training sessions are being monitored for every patient, herby supplying therapists with extensive data and information from a continuously growing data-base. Smart artificial intelligence algorithms are being processed to significantly improve their efficiency while simultaneously motivating patients to challenge themselves by providing real-time scores and feedback on their performance.

Team of entrepreneurs who have personally experienced Rehab

PLAYWORK is a "Digital-Health" startup led by a dynamic and experienced team of entrepreneurs. Mr. Yani Shachrur, CEO & Co-Founder, a serial entrepreneur, who had undergone rehabilitation for many years after suffering from a severe injury. Mr. Ohad Doron, VP R&D Product & Co-Founder, a former helicopter pilot, and technology expert, had also experienced long rehabilitation with few of his close family members. 

As part of the team's experts and advisors are also included Prof. Avital Fast who is an international expert in physical medicine, and Mr. Noam Gershony, who won the Paralympic wheelchair tennis gold medal in London, 2012.

For further information, please contact: info@playwork.me

Photo Description

PLAYWORK Co. Founders, Mr. Yani Shachrur CEO, Mr. Ohad Doron VP R&D, Product, and Mr. Tomer Yannay CMO with Mr. Moshe Gaon, YOOCAN's CEO and Co-Founder who has recently joined PLAYWORK as an investor and advisory board member.

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