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A miracle in the making

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Jessie Petit

My story

Hello, my name is Jessie. Take a good look at me, does it look like I went  through something? Does it look I have beaten the odds and have a strong story to tell? Last August,  I had a surgery on my spine due to a car accident I was in. Before the surgery, the doctor overdosed me with anesthesia, which caused my heart to stop three times. My heart stopped for more than ten minutes, meaning my brain wasn’t getting any oxygen for ten minutes. Statistics say if your heart stops for more 7 minutes you’re considered brain dead. However during the 10 minutes, my organs were failing, eventually, my kidney failed, I couldn’t breathe on my own, and I suffered something called anoxic global brain damage to my brain and I was declared brain dead. They said I wouldn’t be able to walk, talk,  go back to school, nor be Jessie again. One thing I would say if you don’t know a man by the name of Jesus, get to know him. I’m the miracle testifying today that miracles are indeed real. My family and close friends had so many individuals praying for me. By the grace of God, I can see a brighter and hopeful future ahead of me. One more last thing, if God can do it for me, he can definitely do it for you. Plus don’t forget to follow your girl @Jvssie_.

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