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Living the different life with a heart disease

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Nia Lan

The Story of my life

Now I'm gonna tell you the story of my life. It started as I was born. I was born in a small town in the North of Germany on the 21st of August. My parents were happy that I was healthy. So my journey started. After four years and a few visits to the family doctor later, my doctor heard a heart noise. He said to my parents to visit a clinic for heart health a few hours away from our home. So far so good. My parents drove with me to the clinic where I had to have some physical examinations. The doctor there said to my parents that they can't help me anymore.

Never give up

My parents were very shocked but didn't give up and searched after a different clinic. They found the "deutsches Herzzentrum" in Berlin and drove with me to this clinic. That was the best decision they made. The doctors there also made a lot of physical examinations like heart catheter, which I really hated.

Living with a heartdisease

There they told us that I had a ventricular septal defect (VSD) and also pulmonary hypertension. Now I live for 17 years with this disease and that despite the first doctors told my parents that I may be dead in by my teenage years. I like to ride my horses or to cut videos in my free time.

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