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Lior Haviv

Little did I know that this trip was going to change me forever

My name is Lior and I am 42 years old (SCI C6 Tetraplegia). About 12 years ago I took an outdoor cycling trip vacation with my brother and some friends. Little did I know that this trip was going to change me forever. As we were riding one day, I fell off my bike, and my spinal cord was severely injured due to the fall. This was especially tough, as it happened at the beginning of my PhD studies. After rehab and hospitalization, I decided to continue as planned and I graduated in biophysics mastering all of my scientific professional courses. Currently, I am involved in many ventures that are combining my experience in both science and people with disabilities and innovation developments. I understood that I have to leverage my technical abilities to contribute to this "new way of life". When I look back, my biggest accomplishment has been the blossoming of my family, my beautiful wife and amazing four children, who are the joy of my life.


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