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More than just a lucky fin

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Megan Fraser-Heal

There is so much more than meets the eye

Lincoln has a congenital limb difference, he simply acknowledges this is how he was born and it won't stop him doing or trying anything. He just turned 5 and has achieved so much already, swimming, cycling, playing rugby, rock climbing you name it he will try it. His favorite activities are climbing (literally anything) making daring leaps, riding his bike, going to Legoland and Motiongate and playing with his friends. Lincoln tells me daily everything he wants to be when he grows up including being an astronaut and parachute off the moon, build skyscrapers, be a police officer with a dog, be a pilot and a super fast racer on his bike. His limb difference will not hold him back and he refuses to accept anyone trying to tell him otherwise. He is strong, capable and will make his dreams happen. Our dream for him is to meet others with limb differences and see first hand just how amazing life with a limb difference can be.

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