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The Different Equine

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Nia Lan

Riding competiton with a disease is impossible

If you have a disease and a passion for horses, sometimes it's very difficult. I'm in a breeders club in Germany. If you are riding in such a club you might know what I mean. As my sister and mum started riding there, everybody was skeptical about me riding a horse.


Everybody in our club started in a competition, so one day I wanted to do that too. Wearing those cool white breeches that everybody is wearing on a competition and to make my horse have cute braids, like all the other pretty horses on a competition.

If you want to be in a competition, you need to be healthy

My parents always encouraged me to act like a normal child, so my mum made everything to make my wish come true. In Germany, we have a level for little kids, who are starting their first competitions. The kids need to ride 15 to 20 minutes trot and gallop with a few short pauses. My mum talked to every judge before I started, that I can make a break if I have to. Most of them understand, but some of them asked my mother why would I ride if I am ill?

Never give up

Sometimes it was really hard for me that other people think you don't have a right to act normal when you have a disease. Nowadays we don't tell anybody and I ride in the test and if I have to make a break, I make a break! That's it, nobody else needs to tell me what I have to do with my body or what I don't have to, because I think everyone knows his body best and everybody knows when he or she needs to stop. So please don't judge people if they want to do some sports, despite their disease, let them do, they know what's best for them.

My Disease

If you want to know, what's my disease you only need to read my last entry. See you soon. :)

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