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Challenge Yourself

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Mahmoud Youssuf

Challenge Yourself

“I don’t know if you have to live for sports, like me; but What I do know is that you can’t live without it.” I’m Mahmoud Youssuf, 28 years old, from Egypt. I started practicing Kung fu when I was five. I won many championships and became a coach. In 2010, I had a terrible accident; our vehicle fell off a bridge, and I suffered a spinal cord injury and became a wheelchair user. After two years of physiotherapy, I left the hospital and started working from home and decided to train using simple equipment with a low budget. I faced many challenges, but my passion for sports helped me overcome both psychological and physical struggles. I’m now a Professional Wheelchair Tennis player, a Motivational Speaker, a Personal Trainer, and a certified trainer for the Disability Equality Training. I’m also working at a multinational company in the HR department. I’m an ambassador for Helm Egypt Foundation (that promotes inclusion for persons with disability) and participated in many of their events and awareness campaigns. I was also a contestant in an online program called Sadeem (the biggest competition for content creators in the Middle East). Every day can be a challenge, but the hardest challenge is to challenge yourself!

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