yoocan - Russell - There was no respect for the youth when I was young.

There was no respect for the youth when I was young.

חסר תרגום בשפה עברית. מוצגת שפה אנגלית


We all evolve with time!

Hiya, Mary here. I was featured on Yoocan a number of  years ago, I belive back in 2019. Since then my outlook has changed. I feel that I can share that I am part of the neurodivergent group- ADHD & Anxiety.  Achondroplasia commonly know as dwarfism; the condition I have, is the one most people recognise right away. I have more or less learned to live with this. Unfortunately my hidden disability is the one that I struggle with daily. Very challenging to deal with, coupled with age it is pretty difficult. 

Rarely believed when I disclose my age of 52. To be honest I have no I idea where time has gone. Some of it feels like a blurr.  I've lived through some of the most exciting & interesting decades. I feel very young at heart, my 23 year son helps with this. We are quite close, we help & motivate each other to no end. He too has ADHD, as you can imagine, never a dull moment in our home. 

I won't bore you with opportunities i've had the pleasure to be part in my past. I'd rather start from where I am now, and I hope to be able to occupy future spaces. I am an aspiring fashion designer, I am currently working on creating pieces I'd like to wear. I don't see my future as part selling my physical pieces, that ship has sailed... I like the idea, of a show & tell. If I was 20 yrs younger I would have considered a fashion line. Given where I am in my life currently. I prefer the idea of displaying my creative work in as many spaces that would like to tell my story. I believe it is a far better use of my energy. Creating my own narrative is at the heart of what I am striving to achieve. Behind every successful thing I have been part of, there has always been a  frightended worried young girl wondering if she will ever be understood.

ADHD isn't sexy, it interfere's with everything you strive to achieve. From speaking causually to publicly. It robs you of so much you had planned for yourself and family. Then all of a sudden; no warning certain things start to slowly make sense. By then you find yourself very much alone and islated. One of the positive I take with my age is I worry less, I don't feel the pressure of time as when I was younger. That said, I'd like nothing more than; to show people what can be achived even if you feel like time has passed you by. We cannot always help the cards we were dealt. It is how we use those same cards to help the next generation. I for one; am standing on the shoulders of so many who came before me. All I want is to continue to add onto that hard work.

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