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Living Legally Blind

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Emilee S

My Story Living Legally Blind

Hey! My name is Emilee and I’m legally blind! I was born with a retinal disease called cone dystrophy, as well as Nystagmus (shaking eyes). Plus, on top of that I’m super light sensitive, so basically, my sunglasses are my best friend (all 10 pairs of them). My disability has given me a chance to find a love of public speaking and sharing my story. I also coach gymnastics, do curling, drawing, and love doing what any other teen does, which also includes traveling and exploring the world around me. I am on a Youth Council, run agoalball club at my school, created a social media movement with my sister called Tru Faces, and work with a disability council in my area. I educate others to break the stigma and change stereotypes or misconceptions about blindness. So no I don’t wear my sunglasses because I'm on drugs or recovering from a concussion, and no my cane is not a stick, numb chucks and certainly not a metal detector! I also do have some remaining vision. In fact, did you know that 90% of blind people still have some remaining vision? Some people see a disability as a bad thing but I love mine. ️

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