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Connect with us and other families through Our Normal!

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Jenny L Beijar

We want to enrich the everyday life through wider social family networks!

The experience of becoming a mother to a child born with Down syndrome made me, Jenny start the initiative www.ournormal.org/en - a platform where families easily can connect with other families with similar experiences. To give each other support, make new friends and build wider social family networks.

The platform welcomes families of children with different types of disabilities - simply because sometimes the needs are different but sometimes they can also be pretty similar. And wouldn't it be cool to get a new connection in another city for example, if you are planning a family trip for your vacation?

The platform is run by a non-profit organization, started by parents of children with different disabilities, and special abilities! So far most of our families are based in Scandinavia, but we welcome families from other parts of the world as well - and would love to also see international connections start happening through Our Normal!

You can also read more about me, my family and some personal reflections on my blog "Our Normal Family's story" https://ournormalfamilystory.wordpress.com/.

I hope that you want to check out Our Normal, add a family profile and start connecting with other families - like ours for example :) Please feel free to get in touch and share your thoughts or comments with me at any time!

(Header photo was taken by Sven Andersson)

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