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He makes me forget my physical limitations

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My boyfriend C. is 33 years old and has been my partner for 14 years now. When we first met I was only 16 years old and a "normal walking” girl. At 18 years old, I was diagnosed with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS). Today I’m in a wheelchair and in care level 5. 

My boyfriend has been with me since the beginning of the disease. Although he knew about the upcoming course of the disease, he decided to stay with me and take care of me. He has been witnessing the increasing weakness in all stadiums for 13 years now and is constantly facing new challenges with me. He’s always looking for solutions, always by my side and my biggest and dearest helper. His help is so incredibly self-evident, seemingly effortless and so well attuned to me that sometimes I even forget my disability. With his support, I can still experience things that otherwise I could only dream of. He is patient, understanding, selfless, empathetic, kindhearted and the most helpful person I know. 

But C. is not only my partner. He is also my hairdresser, cook, beautician, housekeeper, shopping aid, gardener and so much more; he is my arms and legs, my buddy, my comforter, my companion – and has been that around for years, around the clock, alongside his full-time job. 

My partner is not only physical help but also tremendous mental support. He understands without me having to explain, he supports and motivates me. He empowers me or simply has an open ear for me when I'm not feeling well. His tireless efforts, his positive attitude and his courage to take it up with all obstacles make it a lot easier for me to remain an active and positive human being.

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