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Ashley’s Fight with Chronic Illnesses

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My health journey and story to spread awareness.

My name is Ashley (@ashleys.fight) and I am from a small town in Southern Ontario. My chronic illness journey began back in 2009 with some mild symptoms such as Gastrointestinal issues, allergic reactions, and general fatigue and dizziness. I received my diagnosis of Mast Cell Disease in 2011. Mast Cell Disease causes my blood, GI system, and bone marrow to have too much histamine which essentially makes me allergic to life. My reactions to scents make going anywhere public difficult, which can be very isolating.    

spoonie community

However, it isn’t all bad. I am so glad to be a part of the spoonie community and to have met some amazing friends. The love and support we show each other blows my mind and brings me happiness. I find beauty in things I wouldn’t even think of twice before becoming ill. I learned that people matter and people with stories like ours are strong, brave and beautiful. My goal is to inspire others and help those that live with this chronic illness life get by. Spreading awareness is key! Much love to you all!

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