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About me & #DisabilityMeansCan

My name is Sarah and I am 35 years old, live in the UK & I was born with Scoliosis, which is a curve of the spine. I am short in stature for my age and I use a wheelchair when I go out because I get tired from walking.  My Instagram is @sarahpetitebeauty. 

I created #DisabilityMeansCan

Recently I thought of #DisabilityMeansCan because some disabled people can do things independently. I have lived on my own for over 5 years, I am good at doing eye makeup looks and I recently got a job.
I have a Facebook page called See the person, not just the condition/ disability. https://www.facebook.com/mescoliosisdisability

My 35th birthday!

It was my 35th birthday recently (14th January).  Me, my mum and my sister had a nice meal at a restaurant called  Est Est Est.  I had a pasta dish.  Yesterday I had another birthday meal with my friends, at a restaurant called The Italian Job.

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