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Affordable wheelchair for children

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Keoke King

Revolutionizing Mobility for Children

Our first product, Product1, is an affordable and easily transportable wheelchair for children who need a variety of postural supports. Designed for active kids and parents. For use in rugged rural, suburban, and urban environments in tropical, rainy, or warm weather.

+ Lightweight. Easy to fold and stow away.
+ Postural support integrated to the padded seat
+ Rugged stroller with a simple seat or a supportive seat
+ Attractive sunshade, available in several colors
+ Seat easily attaches to stroller or a wheelchair base
+ Tilt back seat for comfort. Tilt forward for eating and play.
+ Ergonomic and highly adjustable
+ Expandability serves young kids and teens
+ Passes rigorous quality standards (ISO, FDA, CE)
+ Great off-road, in the tropics, and on the beach. + For kids who have a large, expensive wheelchair, Product1 is an excellent option for travel, hiking, and adventure.

About Participant

Participant serves the world’s largest minority group, people with disabilities, by making affordable assistive products using 3d printing so that none are left behind. As the first medical device Benefit Corporation, we are a market-based answer to the World Health Organization's call for new, more affordable products. The WHO has published the Priority Assistive Products List and Product1 fills a critical product gap.

We are on a mission to democratize quality assistive products so that none are left behind.  #inclusion4all


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