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Kristen Dutremble


My name is Kendall (@kristen_anne_kendall) and I was born with SPINA BIFIDA (myelomeningocele L5-S1) and hydrocephalus. My mom’s body metabolizes folic acid at a faster pace than most women, leading to a deficiency that ultimately caused my conditions. My mom was advised that I’d be born with many limitations... but despite my diagnoses, my mom and I don’t consider my disability as disabling at all! Much to the surprise of multiple specialists, I have full mobility. I dance, run, play, and am performing at grade level academically. I treat every three months with a neurologist and urologist and have had multiple surgeries (4) in order to close my spine and revise my VP shunt, but nothing slows me down! I am a happy, typical 6 year-old. Never lose faith in your ability to do amazing things! #thisisspinabifida

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