yoocan - Soledad Rodriguez - Amputee model breaks the stereotypes of a "perfect woman"

Amputee model breaks the stereotypes of a "perfect woman"

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Soledad Rodriguez

Being an amputee in today's society

My name is Soledad Rodriguez and I am from Argentina. I 'm 24 years old and I am a Law student. At the age of 21 I suffered a fatal traffic accident in which I had polytrauma and in the fight to save my life, the doctors had to amputate my left leg. After multiple surgeries, I am now in rehabilitation. I use an Ottobock prosthesis and I was invited by @jorgesafenraiter to be part of their staff of models @lafemme.models_of_photogry. With @jorgesafenraiter, we want to transmit a message to society to break the stereotypes of a "perfect woman" and show another kind of beauty that despite the blows that life gives us, you always comes out ahead.

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