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Changing the face of beauty

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Changing perceptions

We plan, God laughs!! Our vision is limited because of our perception. @vivekmittal23 and I had big dreams of our perfect baby. Excited like any new parents, we were thrilled to see Norah when she was born. She was perfect. That changed very quickly and our perfect child suddenly was taken away from us and we were handed this baby who had a label-Down syndrome. Everything was a blur post that for a month- NICU, specialist visits- ECG, Sonographies, blood tests, hearing tests, neurological tests, trying to think of what to do next, how to change our situation, why and a million how did this happen? We planned, God laughed!!

Our vision was limited. He had bigger plans for Vivek and I. He did give us the perfect child, our baby was perfect but we had just perceived perfection differently. We learned and saw Norah's beauty and perfection as soon as we got over our “Perception of Perfection”. The label didn’t bother us anymore. It is something she is born with but it certainly doesn’t define her life. Norah has been a surprise package since the day she was born and she never fails to surprise us every now and then. She is a Star!! She is the child I never dreamt of and I’m glad that God had a bigger dream for us. Our dream was limited. She has opened up our little world to include a whole new world that we were missing. A whole new world of unconditional love that existed and we were denying ourselves of it because of our limited perception. And now we share our journey with the world learning along the way how to live, love, laugh, struggle, overcome, move forward and change perceptions around us for a world of equality and inclusion!! A child that can teach us so much in such a short period of time clearly has more to offer in her life than we ever did our entire lives before her!!

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