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Giving Back In Life with Pseudarthrosis

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Sairam Kandregula

About me: Venkata Said Ram Kandregula

I am Venkata Said Ram Kandregula,24 years old & single working as a software engineer at Wells Fargo bank, which is one of the top U.S banks. I currently live in Hyderabad, India.

Born with Pseudarthrosis

When I was born, I had a problem called Pseudarthrosis. Doctors advised my parents to take care of me like fragile glass. When I was 4 years old, I fell 5 feet causing a fracture in my leg. I was able to walk a bit but later one more incident happened where I was playing with my father in the park. He wanted me to go on the slide ,accedentally other leg got fractured too. From then on, I couldn't able walk long distances. but that doesn't stop me having my dreams.  

Loving Family

As a parent, everyone takes care of their child. My father also did the same. He used to take care of me a lot. He didn't even let me go to school, so my mother and grandmother homeschooled me. My aunt and uncle were also important to me and taught me math.

School Life with Pseudarthrosis

I started studying at the age of 7 and didn't give up. My doctor scolded my father to make me study from then on. My father even though being a middle class father, appointed a teacher for my studies. The teacher taught me well. We learned 3 classes quickly in 1 year.

Competitive world

The teacher suggested my father enroll me in school. Teachers and students in school a lot helped and I was one of the best students. I ranked 3000 in an open category of AIEEE in 2012 and completed graduation with a score of 75% . I  excelled in every area, not just in my studies.

Big Thanks

I haven't had a chance to thank the people who helped me along the way: my childhood friends (Vinay, Avinash & Vamsi) and my school teachers, college lecturers, professors, and especially my dad, mom, and beloved older brother and sister in law.

Hobbies and daily life

In the morning at 6:30 AM, I hit the gym. My hobbies are watching movies, playing cricket, listening to music, playing chess, reading books, and learning new technologies. I can walk on my knees. I do most activities on my knees. When I go to the office, I use my wheelchair for further movement and return home in the evening and continue my work .

Please do follow me on my accounts @mister.sairam and @its_4_us .

I am an amateur mobilegrapher. 😉

My own Quotes

1)"Beware god doesn't give everything,you must be happy what he has delievred .Its your responsibility to work hard and to be happy"
2)"Live every moment in life as if you ever never lived before."
3)"When you had bad phase in life,lets show what best you can do in life"   Cheer!!!! Thank you all... :)
  Please follow me @mister.sairam

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