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Everyone can climb on his own summit

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Mor Sapir

Who am I?

My name is Mor Sapir, 28 years old, from Tel Aviv, Israel. I have been a rock climber for the past four years. I started to climb as a form of rehabilitation after I lost all ten of my fingers as a result of severe frostbite caused by a snowstorm disaster I survived in the Annapurna Ridge in Nepal in October 2014.

Climbing - tool for the life

In my opinion, climbing is the best tool to succeed in "the jungle of life." By comparing the climbing path to the path of life, I am able to solve certain problems as they come up in each path. We all have a starting point - life. We all have an endpoint -death point. In between, we all have personal difficulties that we did not expect they are going to be so difficult. And if we do not overcome them, we remain stuck. A lot of people can advise you what to do and how to do. But to overcome the obstacle, you must be active and take the plunge. In addition to climbing, I realized that there are difficulties for other people that are not my difficulties at all. And everyone has a deficiency and everyone has their own way of setting their route to the top. And it's just like climbing.

Give Me Mor

In the future, I want climbing to remain as the main part of my life. As a pioneer, the first man who climbed with less than 10 fingers, I'm aiming to reach every competition and represent the possibility that everyone can climb, no matter what’s their lack. Beyond that, I dream of going to the Olympics and winning every competition that will be there. My dream is that there will be so many fingerless climbers that there will be a category of only fingers amputation. Beyond that, I dream that in every school there will be a climbing wall: from a young age, a child will learn that everyone has his own path with obstacles, and there is no need to copy because there are problems and obstacles in other people's tracks as well and every should face with his obstacles.

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