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LapStacker® - Secure items to your lap while using a wheelchair.

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Mike Brown

Tired of dropping things off your lap while using a wheelchair? Well now you don't have to worry.


I'm Mike and I've been dropping things off my lap for the last six years. I've broken things, made a mess, and made a fool of myself. I got sick of feeling frustrated and embarrassed. Wheelchair users, you know what I'm talking about.

That's why we invented the Lapstacker™ 

It's the world's first retractable strap system for wheelchairs. It allows you to secure items to your lap, so you can roll with confidence. It frees up your hands, it saves time and energy, and it removes worry and frustration.

It works great in the wind, on uneven ground, and on inclines.

The patent pending design has been created to retrofit onto any manual wheelchair. It's simple to install, lightweight and durable.

If you have reduced hand function, the finger loops make it easy to grip and extend, while the magnetic clips make it easy to attach together.

The self locking system makes sure your stuff isn't going anywhere. The retractable straps tuck away discreetly under the chair, and it's out of the way so you don't hit your thumbs.

It's made from superior materials, that are built to last, and you can stack anything, anywhere. At the office. At the airport. At home. At the shops. At the beach. Out and about. Or just about anywhere.

"Things on your lap bounce around and then tend to fall out. The Lapstacker™ is gonna solve that problem, immediately and really simply, just by pulling a couple of straps up and locking them down. " - Ben Lucas ( former paralympian).

For more details visit https://adaptdefy.com/lapstacker

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