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What happened to my face: Loving my dots with Nevus

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Loving my dots advocating for body positivity

My name is Nathalia Moraes Freitas (@lovingmydots). I’m from Brazil, but I have been living in Los Angeles, CA since 2012. I was born with a condition called Congenital Melanocytic Nevus, or just Nevus. A large birthmark that covered 40% of the right side of my face, plus thousands of satellites all over my body. From nine months to 13 years old, I had nine surgeries to remove my facial Nevus. Being different was always a big deal especially in my childhood, I would be noticed very easily. At school kids were cruel and used to call me Freddy Kruger, monster, ugly face and that was very hard for me until I realized four things:  1. I was born like that, that was not a choice, that’s a condition. 2. I am healthy - I was not in a car accident, I was not in a fire. I AM FINE 3. Image is not everything - it’s just the way I look, it’s just the outside 4. It does not define me, I can do whatever I want, just like YOU. When I decided to embrace myself and love the way I look, everything became easier. Today, I share my story on social media and advocate for body positivity. I give motivational speeches against bullying and how to improve self-esteem. I have a background in marketing, love to cook and dancing is my therapy.

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