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My Grit freedom chair

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How I started using a freedom chair

I heard about the Grit freedom chair which is basically the wheelchair version of a mountain bike back in June of 2017 through their ambassador program contest where I would've gotten to use the freedom chair for a full year for free and all I would've had to do was post pictures of me using it on social media. Unfortunately, I only made it to the finals so I got a discount which I wasn't able to use at the time due to my mom not having enough money to afford one for me. Back in November, the CEO of Grit emailed me wanting to know if I was still interested in wanting a freedom chair and my mom had enough money to afford one for me and so I said yes that I still wanted one. I've had my freedom chair since around Christmas and I love it. I'm still getting used to it, but so far I've taken it to the park, the lilburn park greenway walking trail with my dad and dog Ginger, and my great grandmother's house on Christmas Eve.

Rider Rewards program

The way the freedom chair rider rewards program works is you get a password to access the page, pick an activity from a list of six or seven activites and once you complete it and fill out a submisson form by following different instructions for each activity. Once you submit it, you'll get the amount of points associated with the activity that you submitted. You can buy certain accessories for your freedom chair using those points and Alex whose a grit team member explained to my mom and I that the way that it works is one rider reward point equals one dollar, the grit team will offer you a coupon that you can use towards anything on the website so if you have 10 or 20 maybe even 100 points, the coupon will be worth that much in actual money.

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