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I CAN do everything that I want

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Sara Abdolahi

I CAN do everything that I want & more

My name is Sara and I'm 24 years old. As I remember until I was 9 or 10, I didn't have any responsibilities like housework or outdoor work. As a result, I couldn't do anything without help. I felt like a parasite and so dependent on others. On the other hand, my family helped me as much as they could because I nagged a lot. When I grew up I realize that I couldn't continue living like that, So I started to stand on my own knees after elementary school. I tried to do everything that others told me "you CAN NOT." Even I hunkered for hours, but I never gave up, My mind defended against the word "CAN'T" and anything that anybody said you "can't" was just enough for me to start trying to do that. One of the annoying things to do for me was walking. I couldn't even walk short distances because my knees, waist, and kidney hurt so much. I couldn't sleep for many days after I tried walking. My main problem was my prosthesis. As I grew and became taller, my prosthesis grew bigger and it wasn't flexible enough. For example, when I wanted to get out of the car I had lots of difficulties. During my teenage years, I tried to conceal my disability from others. I didn't even go into cars. Although it was so hard for me, I tried to only walk. I walked more and more so, as a result, my body could accept my situation. Now I believe in myself and I know that it's hard situations which make success.

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