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Sam: Superhero & Warrior

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Superhero Sam

On 01/02/19, my (@lusindfoz) son, Sam, died of pneumonia complications. His kidneys and liver shut down until his heart stopped. Sam was born with a bad brain formation and a unique syndrome. Some superheroes come with supernatural powers, become invisible, move from one place to another very quickly, while others become big and green. I had the privilege of living with a small warrior and superhero. Sam had supernatural powers, but he had the power to make the best of me, to give my life meaning, and to enrich me!    

Since birth, he had been strong and willing to live, and by the end, he bravely kept trying to live! Sam deserves heaven. I always tried to make Sam's time on earth the best I could! Special needs maternity was not easy, but he helped me. I always believed in angels and now I know I took care of one. Sam's time was short with me, but it was the best 2 years and 8 months of my life! Today Sam is free of limitations. Play, run, sing, and be free. We will love Sam forever & miss him every day. We feel devastated and lost without him here.


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