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Living with the Unknown: Polymyositis

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Unknown Polymyositis

11 years ago I was diagnosed with a muscle disease called Polymyositis. This has been a long hard journey. I began being sick after giving birth to my daughter. For a year my doctors had no clue what was wrong with my body. I was introduced to a doctor 10 years later who was able to properly diagnose me. This muscle disease causes my core muscles to deteriorate. My upper arm and leg muscles are losing strength. I now have to use a mobile wheelchair to get around and require help with everything. With the help of my mother two children and God, I'm still here. It's not easy especially being a single mother. The reason why I titled this piece is that this disease has no cure. A lot of people have no clue of this disease and I just want a platform to share my story for someone that may be living with this unknown disease or for single disabled parents to let them know it may get hard but please don't give up.

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