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My Osteosarcoma Survival Story

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Ruta Dvylyte


On October 27, 2014, a tumor was found in my left elbow.  It was really big and the doctor’s prognosis wasn’t good.  After many tests, I was diagnosed with osteosarcoma. Amputation was suggested by some of my doctor's colleagues, but my doctor said he thought my hand could still be saved. An operation was done to remove the tumor, and my hand was saved, but with huge scars, I would always be reminded of what I was experiencing. The tumor damaged a lot of my nerves, so I can't handle my hand well   After the tumor removal, I still had 18 rounds of chemotherapy (MAP treatment scheme) and was healed. Now, 3 years later, I can confidently but humbly say I’m an osteosarcoma survivor! Shortly after the treatment, I had an infection in the same left arm which, required a new surgery and a prosthesis was inserted.  It’s been a tough ride, but I’m still here. I look at my scars and I don’t find them to be ugly. I've learned to accept them because those scars saved my life. Now I volunteer with cancer patients.


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