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Riding for the Disabled Association: Not all friends are human

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בריוני מ.

How it started

Believe it or not, when I was younger I was scared of horse riding, but now you probably wouldn’t believe me! I think it was because when  I was on a pony or horse I felt so high up and I am a bit scared of heights now but not when it comes to my Saturday horse riding lessons. I love horse riding; now I’d happily go horse riding every day if I could. 

I remember trying out horse riding one summer holiday at this activity day at stables.  After the summer holidays, I then decided I wanted to have weekly lessons. I was on the waiting list for joining my local RDA Centre during this time. The waiting lists are so long and I had to wait more than a year. So it was a lovely surprise when I got a phone call from the RDA saying I could join as they had space and would I like to come for an assessment.

The Assessment

The day of the assessment arrived I was excited but nervous, everyone joining had to do an assessment to see what class best suited them. So we got there and in my normal child way I didn’t want to get on. It took a bit of encouragement but then I got on. I remember I was riding Barbie for my assessment and I loved it she was so calm and gentle. By the end of the assessment I had a massive cheesy smile on my face  and didn’t want to get off. And that’s the day my RDA journey started and I got new members to my family animal and human!

Through the years

I started riding at my local RDA Centre when I was about 8 or 9 I am now 20! Through the years at RDA I have achieved things I never thought was possible. I have challenged myself in an environment where I feel safe and happy. I have done many competitions in The Countryside Challange and Dressage both at regional and national level.

Beating the bullies

Throughout my education life I have been very badly bullied this lead to me feeling sucidal and developing mental health conditions such as depression, anxiety and PTSD. Through these very hard and upsetting times RDA has been my rock. RDA is a place we’re I feel accepted and that I can be myself. I trust horses and ponies more than humans. During the bad times the ponies and horses became my best friends I feel safe with them. RDA isn’t just a place I go horse riding it’s a family! Without the RDA I honestly don’t know where I would be now! They say the bond between dog and man is strong and I know this is true as I have a dog. But I also know the bond between a rider and their horse or pony is also a very special unique magical bond!

Exiting News

Over the years I have done some amazing things with RDA. Recently though a new Campaign came out called 50 Faces, this campaign is all about celebrating 50 years of the RDA. I am very pleased to tell you I am part of this amazing campaign. 

Please check out my story at https://www.rda.org.uk/50-faces/

A big dream of mine is to one day have my own pony or horse!

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