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AnyOne Can Ride: Teaching People With Disabilities To Ride A Bike

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Yossi Kat

How I Teach People With Disabilities To Ride A Bike

I have been fortunate enough to teach over 20,000 people with various physical disabilities how to ride a bike by using a method I developed.  

My students have included people with: visual impairment, Autism, paraplegics, hemiplegics, Down syndrome, hearing impairment, soldiers with PTSD, etc. The only precursor is that students must have the ability to walk without physical aid. The results have been outstanding both mentally and physically, with students reacting on an immediate basis.

Meeting the challenge and achieving the goal is a great victory for the student. Cycling enables control of a portable mechanical tool that expands the student's mobility and breaks new boundaries. After the skill acquisition phase and the improvement in self-confidence, the students turn to fulfill the next dream and meet the challenge which serves as an incentive to acquire additional skills.

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Noa 16 Years old with Autism Learns to Ride A ride

In the video I have attached, you can see Noa Leran learning how to ride a bike, how to stop & how to start riding. She is enjoying an activity from the idea of being independent.

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