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I am Queen Diva, I Am Autism, I Am Patricia, I Am Me

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Patricia Chandler

Eliminating the Word "Disability"

I am the first person to coin the word DIVERSABILITY. I've written many emails to advocates, activists, grassroots organizations, and mainstream political figures in Brooklyn & Washington DC. I also attended an Autism Fair in Brentwood, New York and told Cindy Kerrigan, and her boss, that I was going to change and eliminate the word "disability."

I Am Autism

Autism. It's just a word, but for so many Autistic people, we are so much more than just this WORD. Please watch my public testimony, which starts at 6:44:44 on June 13, 2011 in Albany, NY.

I hope to become a community activist, educator, and leader for PoC in order to work with all parental guides and other activists, academic, education, and urban community leaders and personnel to help change current systems and/ or create new ones to better mirror the actual urban landscapes of today.

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