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Me vs. Klippel Trenaunay Syndrome

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Morgan Putbrese

How I adapted with Klippel Trenaunay Syndrome

I have Klippel Trenanunay Syndrome, which is a complex vascular malformation that affects me, personally on my left lower extremities involving nerves and muscles and lymphatic. I was diagnosed early on when I was three years old. Off and on throughout this syndrome has come to play. But, now it's here and it's here to stay.
I was unaware of what all my "birthmark" brought into my life.  My day to day changed and now was meant with compression stockings, quarterly surgeries and the list goes on and on. 

When the medical answers started coming in of what I had and what was to come, I was hit with the reality of my goals and life needed adjustment.  My work as a first responder has had to be cut down while I heal and I've had to find new ways to serve those around me, but this lead to a hidden passion being developed. I was told by doctors, these surgeries would take a toll physically, and although I may not be able to do things the same as people my age it was important my health gets in line and I believe I can do this.

So, with all the reasons why I could not do being stacked, I chose to adapt. Introducing myself to the world of adaptive fitness, I started the biggest journey I have faced so far... and it was my health.

Adaptive Crossfit Athlete

I have found that when I ask "Why or Why Now?" I have coped by dealing with this into "What can this obstacle teach me and others?" As of today, I have completed 3 rounds of intense surgeries at The Mayo Clinic. I am still an active Crossfit athlete and have been blessed with the chance to be a part of other's journies as a CF-L1 at my box, Crossfit Stamina. I'm also an adaptive athlete certified trainer.

Relearning my day to day life has shown me the burning desire I have to be a voice and a platform to advocate for those in the adaptive athlete community. I know I may never be the fittest athlete in the room and I am aware when I lie down at night, the next day might be the day I wake up and my condition has won the battle on my capabilities. However, I know that to quit now would be a waste of that burning desire inside of me. 

So, for those who read this who also face this obstacle- know you are not alone despite what any medical report may say. Find your calling and run with it full speed because people need to hear your story.

I am thankful that through the highs and lows I have been backed 100% by organizations like yoocan and friends and family who see my ambition to improvise, adapt and overcome.

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