yoocan - Damon Li - Finger Brace Trigger Splint Support Rehab Training Device
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Finger Brace Trigger Splint Support Rehab Training Device

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Damon Li

Finger Brace Trigger Splint Support Rehabilitation Training Device Hand Impairment Finger Squeeze Equipment for Stroke Spinal Cord Traumatic Brain Injury Medical Training for Hemiplegia

Multi-functional: Splint for finger helps cure the finger spasm and fingers not to be straight, powerless, joint, stiffness, & bend.

Target Users: Trigger finger is suitable for people who have suffered from a stroke, hemiplegia, finger dysfunction, cerebral hemorrhage, cerebral infarction, hand muscle disability, etc.

Unique Design: The hand splint is made from aluminum alloy dynamic brace, torsion spring, sponge cloth pad, and breathable arc rubber sheet materials. It's easy and comfortable to use. The spring on the aluminum alloy frame can keep fingers and wrist joints in dorsiflexion state as well as train fingers. Fingerstall is adjustable to adapt to the finger size.

Safe & Effective: Thumb splint has gotten the CIC certification. Please rest assured use customers, receiving great effect in dorsiflexion movements to build strength and flexibility of muscles in the hand, wrist & fingers.

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