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How I Make My Dreams Real Living with a Disability in Iran

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Maedeh Tavakoli

Learning About My Disability

I was born to a lovely family with three older brothers. We had so much fun together and played all the time. Sometimes we fought, but at the end of the day, we all loved each other. My oldest brother used a wheelchair, and he was full of energy in our home. When I was 3 years old, we figured out that I was like him, and I also wasn't going to ever walk.

Not Caring What Other People Think

Although I couldn't walk, I had pain, fractured legs, hands & was cold for long periods of time. I had other physical problems, but I learned to be strong, happy, positive & social. My family was supportive & helped give me confidence, happiness, energy, and love. I went to school, parks, shopping centers, parties, movies, concerts, etc. I had many friends, and I was popular in school. I was everyone's best friend, we went out late & were often so naughty!  Then I went to university and tried to find a job, but it was difficult because Iran is not accessible to people in wheelchairs. 

I studied accounting, but I didn't love it. I loved genetics, but I could live in a dorm or alone because there was no school for people like me in my city as I didn't live in a small city. When I went outside, people stared at me and said "Thank God" or "God, help her." This bothered me at first, but now I smile and look at them because I don't care anymore.

I hope everyone can make their dreams real

I've been using makeup since I was maybe 11 & I love it and dressing up. People look at me and say "How is she in a wheelchair, apply her own makeup and be pretty?" This is a story about my life as a person using a wheelchair! I have the right to live free and comfortable. I fight to live strong. There are too many humans like me who don't have confidence, power or happiness. I hope we can try making life easier for them. I believe we can get whatever we want, it doesn't matter what people think- we can do it! I hope everyone can make their dreams real. 💜

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