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An Army for All

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Johnny Oram

Most Inclusive Army in the World

An Army for All! I'm headed to 🇮🇱 in the next week (June 10 to June 14, 2019) to not only showcase the beauty of Israel with the 🌏 and see her in the #eyesofthepeople who live there with my travel + impact blog on IG @eyesofthepeople but I'm going to be there to make an impact, by teaming up with the @specialinuniform which is powered by the Jewish National Fund US in social awareness and fundraising campaign for disabled Israelis to serve in the Israel Defence Force I'll be spending time throughout the country with this amazing unit. The State of Israel recognizes those with special needs as people with the ability to do amazing things. It's a remarkable program of inclusion unlike any other in the world, truly an Army for all! Please tune in to all videos to learn more. I'll keep you all updated on other links and ways you can help. You can also head to my Instagram @eyesofthepeople Thank you and God bless you all! Shabbat Shalom!

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