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Konliking Physical Therapy Rehabilitation Pedal Exerciser Indoor

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Damon Li

Konliking Physical Therapy Rehabilitation Pedal Exerciser Indoor Electric Bike Doing Training Home When Lying Down in Bed 180W for Adults Passive Assist Disabled Stroke Best Health Recovery Equipment

New upgrade Version Mini Exercise Bike Arm and Leg Exerciser, Physical Therapy and Rehab Bike, Passive Assist Motorized Trainer, Motorized Exercise Cycle prevent the deep veins thrombosis and urinary system infection; hands, improve the flexibility, strengthen muscle force. 

This Exerciser Equipment is suitable for: Cerebral infarction, Stroke hemiplegia, Cerebral Palsy, stiff joints diversification, paraplegia, chills paralysis of lower limbs, limb paralysis, paralysis of limbs chills, Parkinson’s, nerve flocculant disorderly, Osteoporosis, postoperative bed for a long time, need to be active or passive exercise rehabilitation, aerobic exercise, knee, foot, leg, arm & hand training

Good rehabilitation after using one year: the onset of patients with cancer tuberculosis has a tendency to hemorrhage. The Clinical signs of life are not stable. Severe cardiopulmonary function disorder, joint infection, unstable fracture internal fixation, foot ulcers are (do not use the lower extremities) hand with canker (upper limbs do not use ). The doctor doesn't think this is not suitable for sports.

Specification: Powerful 180 Watt; Timer Function is 3 minutes /6 minutes / 9 minutes/12 minutes/15 minutes doing exercise training at home with special spasm function (hand, arm, leg, foot, knee) could do exercise training at the same time.

Suitable for Adult/ Children. Rotation Function is clockwise and counterclockwise rotation. There are four different adjustable speeds for people use, to improve the function of the cardiovascular system. The best effective after using: to stimulate muscle movement, achieve the purpose of stimulating the nerves; make muscle tension compression, enhance the meridians backflow pressure, improve blood circulation, increase joint mobility, and reduce cramps. Make the body softer; maintain or restore the ability to walk, enhance limbs coordinate ability; promote metabolism, blood circulation, and intestinal peristalsis.
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