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How I recover after my Spinal Cord Injury

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IsMael Caparros

Recovering after my Spinal Cord Injury

Some people want to see me alone, far from the others just because I don't stop saying the truth and complaining when I have to. Well, I have to rest by medical advertising and the only treatment is to lie and respond, maybe it’s better not to call him, he’ll be better and he’ll go out… There is a very close number of you that take the time to come and visit me. And who asked how it’s going? The same as always, the ones who never let me down, the others just moved away and keep a distance. You just lie but remember that I was there in good times and bad times. No matter my physical or mental state, at home recovering, at the hospital or wherever I have to go to finish with this cicatrizing process. You won’t let me down once again because I’m tired to fight alone for you.


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