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How I approach having a Spinal Cord Injury

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IsMael Caparros

6 years after my spinal cord injury

My whole life changed on 21/08/2013. It doesn’t matter that I’m alive now. My previous life died in my accident. After 6 years of waiting and fighting without seeing results or hope, I’ll never be the same. The ones I thought would never let me down left and never came back. The ones I never thought would worry about me or what happened are the ones that surprised me with their bravery and support. I'm not going to cheat you, after so many blows and disappointments. How do you want me to blindly trust that someone is going to finally help me? If after 6 years of struggle, I am still fighting alone in each battle. I go for you: 28/05/2019 knowing that the battle won’t finish after you pass because this is a daily and life long fight.

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