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IsMael Caparros

fighting till the beginning

You look at me differently, as if I lost my mind, you treat me like my dog. You judge me without knowing me, like a fucking object. For all the time I had to be at rest? Because of my change in the look? To tell the truth when it has to be said? If I could not do anything for myself at that time, how could I do something for others? I should not interrupt the healing process ... Do not criticize me without knowing my history, without suffering or living, you would be surprised what I had to endure all this time. Having to wait without knowing dates or sentencing papers increases my anxiety. How will I face everything only if nothing goes well? I always knew how to take care of myself, working or whatever ... Until the day we were all twisted. Because it was not just me who changed his life. It was everyone, my parents, my brother, family, friends and acquaintances ... IT CHANGED EVERYBODY The step and the necessary turn to move forward and start living from scratch without ties is near or I hope so. To be able to face myself, my goals and barriers before society. It's all in the hands of the judge, just wait for sentence. "FOR ME, FOR WHOM HE BELIEVES AND FOR WHOM NOT"   I won’t get my previous life back but I’m ready to begin the new one! 

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