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Given a second chance at life

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Marie Updike

There is no perfect

Hi! My name is Marie Updike from "My life in a Nutshell." I was born with fetal alcohol syndrome, and my arms ended up deformed from it. My mom died when I was six years old, and she was very unloving. I was dealing with depression and anxiety at an early age. As I grew older, the emotional pain was hard to deal with. I became addicted to drugs and alcohol and tried to commit suicide five times from the overwhelming emotional pain I was going through. At the age of thirty, I got a second chance at life and made the move to Denver, Colorado where I made some amazing friends that helped me turn my life around with love and support! I was put into a wonderful recovery center where today I am three years clean today! September 11, 2016, I gave birth and became a single mom to a beautiful baby boy who fills my heart with so much joy! On top of being a mom and living this amazing sober life, seven months ago I wrote a book about my journey and finally self-published it where it’s sold over 500 copies! My goal after recovery was to inspire and give hope to others! Make them laugh and give them a sense of worthiness. Bottom line. You are not perfect but you are human and humans are allowed to get a second chance as I did!!

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