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On A Journey to Walk

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Journey to Walking

I was in a motorbike accident in January 2017. It was a head on collision with a lorry on a dual carriageway. My bike engine blew up, which instantly caused my double leg amputation. I've had 4 surgeries so far and hopefully, the last one will be this year. It has been an eventful journey so far both mentally and physically. I'm currently in the early stages of learning to walk on prosthetic limbs. It has to be one of the toughest things to accomplish in this life. Going through a life changing incident, it is so pleasant to have someone by your side. The love I  share with Kayla makes this journey much easier. People stare and have so many questions. “Why is she with me?” “Must be hard being with someone in a wheelchair?” Etc. People need to understand that love is love and a person is a person. We all come with baggage and a person with a physical disability can’t just hide theirs. This relationship works for us because we make it work. To walk again is the main goal. It has been 2+ yrs with slow but beneficial progress. To be able to ride again would be a dream come true. Would love be an inspiration to anyone out there who’s going through some hardships in life? Take it easy and make the most out of this life we’ve all been given. Don’t let this life break you.

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