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How I Coped with a childhood full of pain with Cerebral Palsy

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Bibiana Muscalu

My name is Bibiana. I'm a Brazilian teenager who has Cerebral Palsy, diplegia actually. I'm 16 now and my life has changed completely in the last 6 years. I always knew I was "different." I didn't know how or why, but I always had to deal with the pain the perception of difference brings us. I felt guilty, angry with God and the universe when failing to do things everyone around me did. I didn't understand why I needed physical therapy when no one else I knew did. When I understood the severity of my condition and how lucky I was for even being able to walk, I worked my ass off.

Turning pain into being a proud adolescence

Suddenly, comments that haunted me for several years no longer made a difference. "You walk wrong." "Why do you walk funny?" "She is lame." "You walk differently." "You can't do that." Guess what? I CAN do whatever I want to. No matter if in Physical Education I will be last to be chosen, I will run slower or I will fall sometimes. 

P.E. classes still haunt me, I still hate running or dancing in front of people, I still can't stand watching myself walk. But I'm ok, I'm alive, and the most beautiful thing that Cerebral Palsy gave me is the courage and strength to fight against any challenge that I face. 

Today, I'm a better person. I will never be the first in Physical Education, but I am the first in all the other subjects.

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