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Help us Create an Affordable Electric Wheelchair: The ProPulse

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Citryne Disability Technology

We need your help to create the ProPulse

After 6 months of persistence and hard work, we have developed a fully functional prototype device that makes ANY manual wheelchair fully electric. We call it the ProPulse.

Today marks one of our most important milestones to date, the start of our GoFundMe campaign.
Our team is creating an alternative to electric wheelchairs that saves the user and their families tens of thousands of dollars.

Our Story

The high cost and long wait for electric wheelchairs have caused a serious need for this device. We are tired of seeing the wheelchair community being put second! Our goal is to introduce the ProPulse by March 2020, but we canโ€™t do it without your help. Product testing is extremely costly especially for a team of recent graduates.

However, since the first day we started this project, the community support has been immense. The love and encouragement we have received is the fuel to our fire.

We need your help to provide mobility independence to the disabled community!
Get to know the team, the users, and the impact checking out our GoFundMe campaign with the link below. ๐Ÿ’™

Support the Team: Go-Fund-Me


Instagram: @citryneofficial
Facebook: ww.facebook.com/CitryneOfficial
Product Video: https://youtu.be/TkMTEo-_WBM

Product Features

ยท         Low Cost
ยท         360-Degree Turning
ยท         Off-Road Capable
ยท         Extremely Light and Portable
ยท         Backup Sensor
ยท         Multi-Day Battery Life
ยท         Quick and Simple Mounting
ยท         Able to Drive on Inclines
ยท         Water Resistant
ยท         Braking
ยท         Controlled by Joystick
ยท         Phone Charging

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