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Happy Birthday, Erez!

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Erez Celebrates His 11th Birthday

Our amazing happy boy, Erez, celebrated his 11th birthday in July. Erez was born with a rare condition of Giant Congenital Nevi & Neurocutaneous Melanosis, Scoliosis & more. Erez does not stop sharing his smiles and positivity with the world. He celebrated his birthday in our house with friends from his regular and special school, family friends, and family. Everyone had a blast celebrating this event. A television reporter was even there to show the event nationally following the release of Erez's mom's new novel "The Flower Quilt," which tells her & Erez's story in an empowering and direct way. 

The Celebration Continues in Tel Aviv

Following our party at home, we continued the celebration at the Tel Aviv Port. We rode the merry-go-round, ate by the seaside, and took a family photo next to the iconic "I Love Tel Aviv" sign. We want to share the happiness of Erez, and our approach of looking at the glass half full. We do the best we can in supporting each other as a family and making Erez smile as it helps us smile too. Happy birthday, Erez! We love you and the world loves you too, you show us every day that yoocandoanything!

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