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Finding Love with a Spinal Cord Injury

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Maria Markanova

He’s the man of my dreams

My name is Maria (@marriiaa_mm) and my lovely husband is Alper (@abenz1903) We wanted to share with all of you our best magic day in our life. We married the 4th of July 2019 in Denmark. It was fantastic and so emotional. During the ceremony, I started to have small tears in my eyes and saw the same in the eyes of my lovely tender men. We've been full of emotions and so excited. It’s was crazy and so difficult to describe with words. We will never forget this day. ❤ We want to give all some hope and support that if you believe in love and when you find your soulmate all happiness is possible. That’s possible to have a beautiful in love to respect and support each other without conditions. Of course, not all is easy, but love will make it easier. We are also passing new difficulties because of different counties and laws we are far from each other but we will stand it and all will be perfect. Thanks to all for supporting us. If somebody has some questions, we will be happy to answer. 😊

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