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Best friends

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Rebecca Barrett

From the start

Rory and Alfie were once the same person. Not similar, nor alike, not conjoined, but the same person. They were one tiny ball of cells that then split to make two babies, and as a result, we have identical twins. To share that is something that blows my mind, and makes me think they have a bond that I can never understand. People often talk about a ‘twin instinct’ or link, and I never believed it until I had them.


When they were born, it was the first time they had been apart, quite literally. Prior to this, they were joined by a placenta, a shared blood and food source. So I cannot begin to imagine how terrifying it was to suddenly be apart. I remember the first times they were put in incubators and cribs together and their heartbeats would go into synchronisation, their temperature would be better and they would be more settled. I knew from then that they would be best friends, no matter what.


So much has happened since they were separated, yet nothing has broken the bond they have. Not only did they spend weeks where they were apart at night after Rory was discharged and Alfie remained in special care, but with hospital admissions and surgeries, they have often gone several days without seeing each other. When they are reunited it breaks my heart. Not with sadness, but with complete and utter love. Seeing the love they have for each other is just completely overwhelming. They couldn’t be much more identical, yet are entirely different. Obviously Alfie is physically disabled, and so cannot run around with Rory, but he never lets that stop him from joining in. He gives as good as he gets and loves playing with Rory.

And their personalities couldn’t be more different. Rory is so dramatic, and loves to be the centre of attention. Everything is exaggerated and the smallest of things cause epic meltdowns. He loves to cuddle and is a little chatterbox. Alfie on the other hand is always rough and ready. He loves being boisterous and crashing into things as he rolls. I’ve lost count of the amount of times I’ve rushed to Alfie, terrified he has hurt himself, only for him to be annoyed at me interrupts play! Though, like Rory he loves attention and is always a flirt!


It’s these reasons that make me know my boys will be there for each other no matter what. They are like chalk and cheese, but are the best of friends. Their love for each other is unconditional (unless chocolate is involved), after all, they were one being to begin with.

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