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My CP Story

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Missy Cox

My wish came true

I wanted to share my story. I was born 3 months early and at age two was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy and was fitted for my first wheelchair. Doctors told my parents I’d never walk, write or feed myself...well I proved them wrong on all fronts. In 2012 I met the man that would years later became my husband. In 2014 he asked me on a date. I had just been dumped by my first serious boyfriend because he couldn’t handle my disability. I was crushed and scared of any man at this point. All I ever wanted in life was to be a wife and mom and I was convinced it was never going to happen. I eventually agreed to go out with my future husband and 2 weeks later he said he was going to marry me one day to which I replied “you’re nuts.” In June 2016 we were married. My dad pushed me half way down the aisle and Kevin met us and helped me walk the rest of the way. I’m now a wife and step mom as well as a goat farmer and Sunday school teacher

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