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Louie is different and different is ok!

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Alicia Munson

Louie’s differences

Louie was born with achondroplasia, the most common form of dwarfism. He’s a little person. This is a random RARE genetic mutation (1 in 40,000). We were completely shocked when we found this out prenatally at 35 weeks as he is our youngest of 5 and no one else has any medical issues! Today he is 18 months old and the journey has been so much more beautiful than we could have ever expected. Louie brightens everyone’s day no matter where we go. So, my reason for sharing, next time you see a little person around town, please smile and say hi and know they are JUST like you, only a little smaller!!! #theGiftofLouie “Different isn’t sad, bad, strange or weird. Different is different and different is ok!”

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