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Boccia Hero of the Class!

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יואב גאון

Did you know that games and activity are inclusion drivers and friendship makers?

Parents to young children know the drill- every end of week there is a boy or a girl in each elementary school that has his turn to be "Hero of the class". Basically the "Hero" needs to present a topic or an activity that he is really good at, tell something special about him/herself and in some cases show his classmates how to do it. Erez, our 8 year old son, was born with a rare disease and complex disability. Once a week, he is learning in an inclusive class with regular kids from our neighborhood. About three months ago we discovered that in his special needs school they started therapy and training through sports and Boccia, a Paralympic sport which we discovered he is really good at! So there was no debate, we borrowed a boccia set from the Boccia Club Handi Life sport and Erez showed his class how to play and the rules of the game. Spontaneously a class tournament went on between the girls and the boys. Everyone won! Boccia is about strategy- hitting the right balls to get closer to the center ball vs. your opponent. The most amazing part is that its fun, easy to play,ageless, inclusive and everyone can be a Hero!


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