yoocan - Steph Malfatti - From team England to the Nightingale and everywhere in between

From team England to the Nightingale and everywhere in between

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Steph Malfatti

About me

I was born with a condition called Charge Syndrome. It’s a developmental disorder that affects my organs and my eyesight. I have various conditions including Blindness, chronic fatigue and multiple polycystic organs. It’s hard to explain what i have really because it’s a pretty long list. But in addition to this I have a number of mental health issues. I have CPTSD, I’m bipolar and suffer from a number of kinds of anxiety. I’m currently an inpatient in a mental hospital. But to me those are all just labels. For the past 7 years I have been a cheerleader who has represented England. I moved by myself from the US to the UK to successfully complete two degrees and I overcame some really dark periods of trauma. I am a firm believer in yoga and mindfulness and have just qualified as a yoga teacher. I was even the “blind cheerleader” in a viral BBC documentary.

Never let life get me down

But to me this is just life. I don’t see my disabilities or mental illnesses as a reason to stop me from doing anything, weather that be getting tossed in the air and doing backflips or some days just getting out of bed and reading a good book. My goal in life is to help others realize that mental and physical conditions can be what we make them and that they are often surrounded by unfair stigmas. One way I do that is through sharing my life with the world.

More of my story

You can continue to experience life through my eyes by following blindgirlseesyou2020 on Instagram and blindgirlseesyou on Wordpress.

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