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My wheel life

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Adir Siman Tov

Wheel power

7 years ago, I had a life changing car accident. From healthy young man I started to see the world from a wheelchair user point of view. New height, new challenges, new perspective. We will celebrate the start of a new Jewish year, but before we will look back and try to evaluate what we achieved so far. I can say that I met my partner for life, married her, worked for our living, and of course enjoyed the little things in life. The end of Jewish year combined with the SCI (Spinal Cord Injuries) awareness month made me do some thinking. I realize how much wheelchair users can do. I remember the first days in hospital after the accident, after realizing I will be in a wheelchair, and the fact I thought I am doomed. Doomed to be social isolated, with no work, no friends, no relationship, and always asking for help. Boy, how wrong can one man be? People often telling me I have unbelievable strength. They don’t know how lucky I am that I had so many great people that helped me in much darker times. Without wonderful people that believed in me, I probably could not achieve anything. T3 incomplete paralysis was my name a while ago. Today my name is Adir, BSc. Degree and MBA holder, computer programmer, world-wide traveler, a husband, a friend, and a man that always try to wear a huge smile. 

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